Friday, April 27, 2012

Hide and Found

I have been trying to hide lately. From a lot of things in general, but also from something specific. Sometimes you can hide and the problem goes away. In my situation, even I knew, my problem was not going away. I knew eventually I was going to have to come out and face it.
You may be wondering what my problem is and I am willing to share it with you. Vacation Bible School! (Since I was willing to share my problem with you, will you be willing to pray for me!) You may be thinking didn't you tackle this last year and find success in the end! If you need proof of this check out this post. (If you're just curious you can check it out too!) Maybe I need to read it a couple times as well.
For some reason I have gotten it into my thought process that I just couldn't do it this year! It just wasn't going to happen as far as I was concerned.  I didn't pick up my supplies. I even went as far as skipping church! I had forgotten that I can't do Vacation Bible School..........ALONE! I need God to help me during this difficult time.
Check out the theme verse for Vacation Bible School this year! I guess God was trying to get my attention all along!
I have recently been gifted by God with some amazing books! I love books and I feel God helps you find the right books to read when you need them. The first is actually a Bible study by Chip Ingram called The Invisible War.

It comes with a DVD as well. My husband and I are working through this study with our good friends. In the third session, Chip Ingram talks about putting on the Belt of Truth. I have not been utilizing this important tool with the thinking that I had to run Vacation Bible School alone. The truth is God runs the program, I help Him!
Another book that has greatly helped me is Water Into Wine by Kelly Minter.

It is all about Jesus's first miracle. (If you would like to read about this miracle in the Bible you can find it in John 2:2-11.) I knew of this story, but have never really thought about it before. The servants had such faith. They filled up the jars to the brim with water, drew water out of the jars and served it to the Master of the Banquet. Along the way it miraculously turned into the best wine ever! I'm not sure I'd be willing to do that. What if nothing happened? How embarrassed would I be if all the Master of the Banquet got was water? They did what they were told to do by Jesus and they were rewarded by being part of His first miracle. It really made me think, I just have to do what I am asked and able to do. It is God's job to turn our water into wine. We can't be perfect and do everything exactly right. We are to do what God asks, He will make it amazing!
So, am I still anxious? I would be lying if I didn't say, Yes. I just have to keep telling myself the truth.
I can't do this without God!
 I CAN do this with God!

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