Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Easter Traditions (for Us)

We didn't have any special traditions for Easter, but we do now! To get us into the Spirit of the Easter Season I ordered two special gifts for my children. The first is Resurrection Eggs. I had tried to get these a couple of years ago, but failed. Not this year, I ordered early and got them in plenty of time! I even had a chance to share them with the kids at AWANA.

They are so much fun! My 4 year old explained what each object was in the eggs to my husband. I ordered them from this great website!

I also ordered a really neat magnet set. I saw it on Confessions of a Homeschooler and knew my girls would enjoy it.  It comes with a background to place them on too! I ordered this set from

Alphabet Alley. It is a really neat website that has a lot of Bible products.

We colored eggs for the first time with some good friends. I never did it before with the girls because they don't eat hard boiled eggs, I can't make hard boiled eggs and I thought they would be too messy. The good thing about doing this project with friends is they help you out. They hard boiled the eggs and the girls weren't so messy because we were at a friend's house. Pants actually tried an egg and like it!

Our friends also taught us how to make Resurrection Rolls. They are super easy and very yummy. You need large marshmallows, crescent rolls, melted butter, cinnamon and sugar.

 First you cut a large marshmallow in half, then you dip it in the melted butter, next you roll it in the cinnamon and sugar. Then you roll the marshmallow up in the crescent roll.

(Just cook them according to the directions on your crescent rolls package.)
 When they cook the marshmallow kind of oozes into the roll and the roll should be empty inside like Jesus's tomb on Easter Morning!

We also made them on Easter Sunday with my nephew and sister-in-law. Everyone enjoyed them and the kids really can make them pretty much all on their own. If you don't mind things getting a little sticky!

Thank you to the Betz family for sharing your traditions with us!


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