Sunday, April 8, 2012

It's A Bird, It's A Plane.......

It's a Flying Mouse!

We started learning about Simple Machines way back in the beginning of the school year. Pie Pie had picked out some projects way back then. We are finally getting started on them!
The first one is a Mouse-A-Pult. Pie Pie and Daddy spent some time making this project on Sunday. Bonus! Everyday is a school day here! Not really, but I can dream right!?

Getting Started.
Always look at the directions first.

Pie Pie got to use a drill.

All I did was sew up the fabric mouse. Pie Pie decorated it.

Ready, Aim.......


I tried very hard to get a picture of the flying mouse, but that critter was just too fast for me! I even allowed Pie Pie to shoot it directly at me! Still no luck.

Super fun way to spend some time together!
Big thank you to Daddy for helping Pie Pie with this Science Project!

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