Friday, February 1, 2013

The Peanut Butter Blossom Cookie

This past Christmas I asked my super-great friend Pammy what kind of cookies I could bake special for her. Cookies=Love! She picked the peanut butter blossom cookie. She actually said anything chocolate, but this was the first name of a cookie out of her mouth. (Later into her mouth!)

This cookie brought back many memories for me. I haven't made them in quite a while. They were my ultimate favorite growing up! My Mom made them and I ate them. First, I would bite off the point of the Kiss. Second, I would nibble the cookie part that extended around the Kiss. Last I would pop the rest into my mouth in one BIG bite. Yummy! I still eat them that way too.

This year Pie Pie got to help with the cookies. She got to unwrap the Kisses, (and eat some) roll the dough into balls and into the sugar. When the come out of the oven it's time to put in the Kiss. I love putting the Kisses into the warm cookie and making them melt a little, but not too much. 
Pants, Pie Pie, Daddy and me loved eating theses special treats.
Thanks to Pam for the suggestion to make them! 

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