Sunday, September 30, 2012

Fitness, Fun and Fellowship

At the end of the last school year our original homeschool group decided to close down. We were very sad about this and started looking for a new group. I couldn't find a group in our area that I liked and could afford. So, I had to start my own.
First, I had to figure out where to have the group. That was a pretty easy one. I decided to have it at my church. Then came the process of getting the approval of the church. I was very excited when we got our approval! I had already planned our first two events and I was ready to let other homeschoolers know about our group.
 I have decided to meet once a month and keep this group very casual. We do extra curricular activities. I want the events to be educational and structured but more on the fun side. We have one hour of educational time and then an hour for lunch. The hour for lunch is a nice time for the moms to talk and the kids to spend free time together.

Our first event was a fitness day. It was basically an hour long gym class. We played a lot of different games. The first game I had them play was Duck, Duck...Goose!. It was very easy to tell them the rules of our group while they were in a circle. We also played:
Follow the Leader
What Time is it, Mr. and Mrs. Fox?
Who Has the Button?
Hurry Server.

We played with balls, bean bags and hula hoops. When we started to get sweaty, we took a walk around the church to cool off.
One of the favorites of the day was Hurry Server! In this game you have to pretend you are a server and race with a tray of items. Plastic, of course! They worked as teams and whoever finished first, won the game!

If you would like to see some more games we have enjoyed in the past check out this post.
I'm sorry I don't have more pictures! It's hard to take pictures and lead a bunch of kids in games!
We finished off our fitness day with a couple of races!

Next time we're heading to the farm.
Cross your fingers that it doesn't rain!

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