Thursday, September 27, 2012

Drop That Egg!

Every year at AWANA the girls get to participate in an egg drop. (If you don't know what AWANA is check out this post.) It's Daddy's job to help them get their egg drops all ready. This is Pie Pie's fifth year participating. Since they don't like to do the same thing, every year they have gotten a bit more creative. This year it was parachutes!

The girls and their Daddy worked very hard on this project. They hot glued and drilled. I also heard there was a lighter involved! Nobody got hurt making this project because I wasn't helping.
The egg went into the box and the parachute helped slow down the decent from the high window. We also surrounded the egg with packing foam. I heard someone else used marshmallows. Pie Pie wants to try that next year.

Both of their eggs made it to the ground in one piece!

 All of the kids love this event!
 It's even fun to hear and see the eggs crack and splatter all over the ground!
 Science and Bible in one night, it's a dream come true for this homeschool Mom!