Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's Lucky's Day!

In my past two posts I told you a little about Scaredy and Playful. If you read one or both of those two posts you know who they are if you didn't, they were caterpillars. I say were because they are no longer caterpillars. They did their caterpillar thing and one of them made it and one didn't. The people at the Butterfly Sanctuary told me that right before they turned into chrysalises they would attach themselves to the lid of the container they were living in. Well, they did. Unfortunately, I was taking care of them. I went to look at them, being very careful, and I tripped and dropped them.  The next day they turned into chrysalises. I assumed they were already dead, so I poked them. I like to poke everything and make things worse! One of them was okay, but one started oozing liquid, okay insect blood! (Did I mention I was poking them with a sharpened pencil?) I decided to save both of them just in case they weren't dead. It's a good thing I did. I happened to glance over at them a couple of days later and I saw one of them had emerged from it's chrysalis.

I was very excited! (Sorry about the dead one in the picture.) If anyone else decides to do this project and they fall, just leave them alone. You do not need to poke them. No matter how much you may want to. I know this from personal experience!  We kept the butterfly for a few days and the girls named it Lucky. Lucky because it lived! We fed it a little sugar water on a cotton ball.
We set it free outside, but had to take a few pictures of it before we said goodbye.
I got some good close ups because it was a little chilly when we let Lucky go. We checked the next day and it had flown away.
I hope Lucky finds some nice flowers.
Let us know if Lucky visits you!


  1. Is that a butterfly or a moth? It's body looks like a moth but it's wings look like a Monarch. Dad