Monday, August 6, 2012

Cleaning up the Frass!

You may think I misspelled a word in the title, spellchecker thinks I did! However, I did not! If you do know what that funny word in the title is, you are definitely smarter than I was last week! So, what is frass? Here's a hint!

It's caterpillar poop!
Why do they have silly names for animal poop? There's guano, road apples, chips, scat, dung and I'm sure there's more! We actually discussed this over dinner tonight! My girls thought it was very funny.
Now onto the real reason for this post!
We recently went on a super fun field trip to 

I want to thank some of my homeschool friends for letting me know about this wonderful place. It was a bit of a drive, but well worth it. We got to watch a video about the life cycle of a butterfly and hear a nice talk all about butterflies. During the talk they have an audience member dress up like a butterfly which was a nice visual for my girls. Then you get to visit the butterflies in a Flutterarium. 

It was very much like a fairyland. There were flowers and butterflies everywhere. 

You could even hold the butterflies, if they let you. Some were more friendly than others!

The girls could have stayed here all day!

Anyone who know us, knows we don't go anywhere without a friend. 

Don't forget about me! I love butterflies.

Since Pants and Pie Pie loved the butterflies so much we brought home some butterfly babies. Say "Hello" to Playful and Scaredy! 

My girls are very literal with names. Playful is the one on Pant's finger and Scaredy is the one in the container. He tends to curl up in a ball when you pick him up. We are very excited to watch them grow, turn into a chrysalis and become butterflies.
Come back soon to see how our babies are doing!


  1. Sounds like fun. Wish I could go and be all girly, but with a teenage boy not seeing this happen anytime soon. Loved seeing it through you and your girls though!

  2. It wasn't too girly! I think anyone would enjoy seeing butterflies up close and personal!