Monday, July 8, 2013

Memories From Gettysburg

At the end of our last school year we finished our study about the Civil War. I found out that this year was the 150th anniversary of Gettysburg. I thought it would be a great time to go for a visit. We purchased tickets to visit the Blue Grey Alliance reenactment of some of the battles. It was an interesting trip. We really enjoyed into the woods where they had a huge Union camp. It is much cooler in the shade. We never figured out where the Confederates were located, we didn't actually try that hard to find them.

 Here are some of our memories from Gettysburg.

1. People from Texas have more fun! A man from Texas struck up a conversation with us on the bus while we were waiting to get to the parking lot to the battle area. They have much higher speed limits there, I did not know that.
2. Be careful where you go in the Union Camp to take pictures. Someone may be sleeping and blending in perfectly with his surroundings. Surprise!
3. The battlefield is very far away.
4. The people wearing the clothes from the Civil War time period are probably hotter than me.
5. If you cough too much there is a good chance you may throw up.
6. For the rest of Pants's life she will remember that "Gettysburg is freakin' Hot!". No, we really don't approve of that language, but it was funny at the time!
7. I have no need or desire to ever visit there again.
Overall, I am glad we went. We got to spend time together as a family and we all received a little more knowledge about that time in history. 
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