Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer School is in Session!

We finally finished our official 180 days of school!
 I felt like a giant weight was lifted off my shoulders. Our portfolio is all ready to be evaluated and seen by our school district. To celebrate finishing school we went out for ice cream!

At the Boo Boo Princess Charm School for Girls we take a break from Math and Language Arts for the Summer. Those are the two subjects that Pie Pie does not like. We don't take a break from school all together. We do fun projects and LOTS of reading!
We have been currently working on some art projects from the fabulous book Art in Action 1 by Maja Pitamic. In the book you get to learn a little about the artists and then make your own project based on their work. If you are interested in making any of these projects all of them are explained in the book. 
 Our first projects are inspired by Matisse. These are pictures with lots of colors and color tones.
The second style is inspired by Seurat. These are dot paintings made by spattering paint with toothbrushes.
The third style is based on Lipunja which uses Earth pigments and texture.
Pants also did her own take on art with her pet shops and paint!
Messy, but fun!


  1. I love art. Great job.
    Pop pop

  2. Did you get that book at the library? I think that would be awesome for Ace to see other artists and interpret their art in his own way! :)