Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The ARTistry of Pants

Pants loves to draw and she is very detailed about her drawings. She is also a bit excessive. They are everywhere! I go through them occasionally and take pictures of our favorite ones!
Here is some of her latest masterpieces!

She painted this one with her cousin. I believe it is a self portrait and the sun.

This is a drawing of her favorite stuffed animal of the week, Magenta. There is also a happy butterfly.

Say, "Hello!", to Mr. Snowman with the fancy eyelashes. I love his wiggly branch arms! In order to assist in the creating of this particular masterpiece, I was rudely awakened to sharpen her white pencil!

This is a beautiful picture of people with a yummy pie. They are standing in a flower garden with some butterflies, a bird and a sun. The butterfly on the left is going down to the flower.
This is one of my recent favorites! It is a boy picking up the stick to put in the campfire. He is going to sleep in his tent at night.
I'm sure there will be more to come!

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